6AM Thursday Morning Men's Group (High School and Up)

We gather for breakfast and discussion 6AM Thursday mornings at the Leach’s Home (1046 Chestnut Dr, Harrisonburg). We are taking some time this fall to read and discuss various issues that we confront in the broader culture. We finish promptly at 7AM so as to give the highschool crew time to get to school. Contact Bill Leach with any questions (540-383-5014).


Tuesday 7PM Small Group

We will be reading and discussing Paul Miller’s book, A Loving Life. This book explores some of the patterns of how we are to love one another as it follows the story in the book of Ruth. Join us at 7PM Tuesday evenings at the Leach’s home, (1046 Chestnut Dr., Harrisonburg). Contact Bill Leach with any questions (540-383-5014).